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Your Auto Insurance Checklist for Summer Travel

It’s officially the first day of summer! If you’re like me, you’ve already packed your bags for a long summer road trip into the sunset. But if that’s the only plan you’ve made for vacation, you may want to take a second look at your insurance, just for summertime. Here are 3 auto insurance tips to prepare for travel in the warmest months ahead. If you’ve checked off all 3, you’re as prepared as a summer driver can be!


1.  Consider the Broadening Clause – Planning to cross state lines this summer? Every state requires the driver to have certain auto insurance coverage, except one: New Hampshire. It’s a good idea to know the required auto coverage for the states. The broadening clause is in most insurance policies. And it allows you to meet the minimum insurance requirement for any state you’re traveling.

Don’t feel like kicking off the summer by reading the small print in your policy? Check with an insurance expert. There’s no faster way to ruin a vacation (and spend all the money you saved) than paying out a claim. So stay safe and get the green light from your insurance agent before you drive through any green lights, no matter what state they’re in.

2.  Get Roadside Assistance– If you’re blasting your AC while driving cross country, a disruption is inevitable, whether it’s an overheated engine or a car breakdown. Before you even hit the road, check your vehicle at the garage and get a thorough inspection. You don’t want an overheated engine to hold up your vacation. While you’re waiting for the mechanic’s thumbs up, check with your insurance that you have roadside assistance. It won’t cover the costs for a broken engine, but it will help you get out of a hot spot.

In case of a flat tire, aforementioned engine problems, or something worse, you’ll want coverage that can tow a broken car so you can get on with your summer. Before you drive that long desert road under the sweltering sun, look at your travel list and checkmark you have some peace of mind.

3.  Know Your Friend’s Insurance – If you’re traveling with a group of friends, especially long distances, you’ve probably planned to swap seats with the driver so he or she can get some rest. That’s so nice of you! But before you get behind the wheel of someone else’s car, you should know whose insurance will cover whom in case of an accident.

Most insurance policies cover the car owner first. If the driver is not the owner of the car; then in some cases the driver’s insurance will cover the cost. No matter the order, simply to check that each passenger has insurance that will cover his or herself, so no one has to pay out of pocket.

>>Checked these 3 prerequisites? Then you’re officially ready for summer!<<

Whether you are a car engine or a prepared driver; stay cool this summer!

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