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What is the Lemon Law? (and how to avoid lemons)

Have you ever heard the saying that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade? Well, that saying does not apply when purchasing motor vehicles. This is where the Lemon Law comes into play; protecting consumers from scamming salesmen. In this case, a lemon is a vehicle that repeatedly fails to operate.

The Lemon Law varies from state to state but the basic idea behind it is the same for every state. This law is designed to ensure that automakers don’t sell vehicles by that are not functionally sound. If someone buys a car and it does not work as advertised or as reasonably expected; he/she can seek redress through the Lemon Law of the relevant state. Usually, the state will work to either have the vehicle in question repaired to bring it into working condition, replaced by another functionally sound vehicle or to have the consumer’s money refunded to him/her.

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Note that the Lemon Law does not apply to used vehicles. Therefore take extra precaution when purchasing or leasing a used vehicle. The Lemon Law covers only long term leases and new vehicle purchases.There are certain conditions which must be met before the Lemon Law becomes applicable. Lets take an example in the state of Florida. The Lemon Law applies if the vehicle in question has undergone at least 3 failed attempts at repair within the 24 months following delivery of the vehicle to the new owner.



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