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How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit in 2019

People disagree about topics like how to use auto loans effectively. As a consumer, however, you need to understand that you’re ultimately in control of whether you get approved. This is especially true if you’ve been wondering how you’ll buy a car with your poor credit history.

Surprisingly, the answer may involve shifting the way you think about shopping for vehicles. Learning better money management habits and being honest about what you really need makes it far easier to finance a car.

Change the Way You Use Lending

Do you know what’s making your credit rating poor? Some consumers fail to recognize that lending doesn’t just mean loans. Many factors go into the credit profile that determines your credit score, such as:

  • Credit card account balances
  • Utility bill accounts
  • Late payments and payment track record
  • Number and age of currently open lending accounts of all types

Rethinking your spending, saving, and credit habits is the best way to build better credit that lasts, so get started with simple changes. For instance, you can reduce the number of credit cards you have. This is easy if you sign up for online billing, turn on purchase email notifications, and use your phone to pay closer attention to your accounts. Then, phase out the cards you mainly use for nonessential purchases.

Having problems? Make a realistic weekly budget by recording what you spend each day for a week. Afterward, you’ll have enough information to understand where your money is going and decide what isn’t necessary.

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Get Real About What You Want vs. What You Need

Many consumers pick cars because they fall in love with their flashy features. Always think about whether you’re buying your chosen vehicle because it’s essential or just because you like it.

Many business owners consider whether a purchase is worth it by comparing how much something costs to how much money they’ll make from having it. This is called cost-revenue analysis, and you can use it to decide whether your vehicle needs things like high-powered performance and other upgrades if you’re just using it to get to work.

Doing some honest personal cost-revenue analysis may even convince you that you can live with a downgrade to a more affordable model. Lowering the size of the loan you ask for makes it easier to repay on time. It might also increase your likelihood of approval.

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Cast a Wider Net

Broadening your search is one of the best ways to find car loans that you’re eligible to receive. Getting a loan shouldn’t be the type of decision you make quickly, so take the time to do your research.

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