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6 Reasons to Leave Your Car Insurance Company

Do you feel like you’re paying more than you should for your monthly car insurance premiums? If you’re one of the many people who’ve watched their rates go up while the level of coverage remains the same or even decreases, it may be time to shop for a new auto insurance company.

Keep reading for six reasons you should consider leaving your car insurance company:

1. You’ve Moved to a New Neighborhood or City

It may surprise you to learn that many insurance companies charge higher rates because you live in a certain zip code. When you apply for coverage, your agent checks crime, vandalism, accident, and theft statistics in your area and charges accordingly. A recent change in location may put you in a different risk category.

2. Lack of Flexibility

Adding or removing elements of your contract shouldn’t be a hassle, but neither should offering perks like online claims filing or 24/7 availability. If your current company doesn’t offer the level of services or flexibility you need, you can be sure there’s one that will.

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3. You’ve Found Lower Premiums Elsewhere

There are literally hundreds of insurance providers out there, and they are all hungry for your business. If you can find incentives like new customer discounts or more services for lower rates than you’re paying now, there’s no reason to stay with your current insurance provider.

4. Bad Customer Service

Although the bottom line is important for any company, that doesn’t mean customer service should take a back seat. Not returning phone calls, rudeness, or generally shoddy service are all valid reasons to go with another company.

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5. You’ve Had a Change in Circumstances

Some changes – an accident, adding a teen driver, filing a claim – will almost always make your insurance go up a little, and most agents will be on that immediately. However, good changes like maintaining a safe driving record for an extended period, reaching a certain age, and having tickets or credit blemishes removed from your record usually warrant lower premiums. That’s information your agent may not be so quick to inform you about.

6. Their Claims Process Is Too Much of a Hassle

Whether you’ve been driving for several years or you’re new behind the wheel, chances are you’ve had to file a claim. The claims process should be efficient and hassle-free. Having trouble getting an adjuster on the phone, delay tactics, and red tape are all inconveniences you don’t have to live with.

Auto insurance industry experts recommend that you compare rates and services every six months, even if you’re happy with your current company. There are no penalties or risks to changing providers as long as you follow the right steps. When you’re ready to pay less and gain more in return, we’ll be right here, ready to help.

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